chemac home page

apollo ball valves

apollo valves
and actuators

1 1/2" to 36" butterfly valves, actuators,

& ball valves

bernard controls
electric actuators, 4-20 ma

j&m international
industrial valves

bonomi usa
ball valves

itt conoflow
regulators (to 15,000 psi)
transducers, actuators
diaphragm seals (in-house fill station)

mcdaniel controls
pressure gauges, 316ss

sure seal
high perforamance butterfly valve

electric actuators for valves and dampers

pacific scientific
pressure gauges

palmer instruments
industrial thermometers, recorders

reotemp thermometers
bimetal thermometers

versa gauge
pressure gauges, diaghram seals
thermometers, recorders

watson mcdaniel
pressure and temperature regulators relief
valves, air eliminators, steam traps liquid
drainers, pressure pumps

additional products
teflon fittings, tubing
solenoid valves
filters, industrial/hvac
safety relief valves

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